What to Eat Before Muay Thai Training?

The best way to get a cutting diet and a slim and dense body is through exercise. For example, you can try Muay Thai that is quite popular among athletes. Muay Thai is a good sport for weight loss. For safety, wearing a mouth guard is the best way. Muay Thai is a good exercise but it requires good stamina. However, a mistake often made during Muay Thai is to reduce food intake. Reducing food intake is not the right … Read More


Muay Thai or commonly called Thai boxing is a sport that many people love, not only by men but also by women. Although classified as a “macho” sport because there are elements of self-defense, but muay Thai proved effective for weight loss. Many women are interested in Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a type of kickboxing that is originated from Thailand which has existed since 1000 years ago. Initially, this martial art was coming with violence, but now muay Thai … Read More

Do I Need a Sports Mouth Guard for Powerlifting?

In many kinds of exercises, people need to wear a mouth guard to protect their mouths and teeth. For instance, if you are a boxer or martial artist, you are required to wear the best mouthguard for protection. What about powerlifting or weightlifting? People think that deadlift mouthguard is not that important, they are wrong because the mouth guard for exercising is very important, even if it is weightlifting. Does Mouthpiece Work for Weightlifting? Well, when you use the mouth … Read More


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