Who Fulfills Orders?

Amazon, NOT Oral Mart, fulfills your orders so we can focus on customer services and also quality of mouth guards (strapless or strapped) / lip guards.

Are There Different Sizes?

Yes! There are 2 different sizes.

Adult Size : 2.26 in. (W) x 2.15 in (L) x 0.81 in. (H)
Youth Size: 2.14 in. (W) x 1.78 in (L) x 0.73 in. (H)
Youth mouth guard is Mostly for Age 12 & Below
Adult mouth guard is Mostly for Age 13 & Up
Female adults with smaller mouth could go with youth size

FAQ #1: Kids mouth guards EXPAND after molding. (It may look small to you BEFORE molding. Please follow the step-by-step instruction.)

FAQ #2: The Size Suggestion by “Age” is “ESTIMATE”, which works for Most, “NOT” All, of our parents to decide if their youth athletes need an adult-size or youth-size. Kids aged between 11 and 15 could go either way. If you really can’t make a decision, please start with the youth one and see if it covers the molar teeth by the teeth marks on the inner gel. Also, female adults with smaller mouth could go with youth size too.

FAQ #3: For kids under 5 years old, dual-layer mouth guards may be too bulky. You may need to trim the ends of the kids mouth guard to make sure it fits comfortably and doesn’t irritate the back of your kid’s mouth (Yes! Extra work might be needed). Please consult your kids’ dentist before purchase.

FAQ #4: The gap for the front teeth is narrow for tighter fit. The teeth marks don’t have to be exactly on the gap. As long as the teeth stay on the inner gel, it would be fine. After putting in the boiled water for 35 ~ 40 seconds, the inner gel will be very soft and ready to mold. You kid can easily bite through the small gap at the front.

Fitting Issue? Can't Get Snug Fit?

There are a few possible reasons you couldn't get a snug fit.

  1. Water was not hot enough. (Make sure you bring water to the boil before turning off the stove.)
  2. Didn't put mouth guard in the hot water long enough (35-40 seconds for Oral Mart mouth guard.) Note: MMA Champion Plus is thicker so it needs 50 seconds.
  3. Put in cold water for too long. This step is to prevent a burning mouth. Putting the mouth guard in cold water for too long dramatically affect the fitting performance. Do a quick tap water dunk or wave in the air for at least a few seconds.
  4. Other than biting deeper into the inner gel (It's totally fine to bite through the inner gel.), please push the outer wall towards your upper teeth and gums to create more grips.

5 Easy Steps to Fit Your Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guard Right


Here Are Our Promises!

We back ourselves and we understand sometimes it's hard for some parents to decide which size is right for your kids. Female adults with smaller mouth could go with youth size. Big boys with bigger mouth could go with adult size. Our promise to you is if you feel the other size could fit better for you or your kids after purchase, please let us know and we will send you a replacement or if you have any questions about the molding instructions, we are here to help!

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