5 Best BJJ Mouthguards

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a type of self-defense sport that relies on physical and body strength. This of course can harm your body when you fight against other BJJ fighters. However, you don’t need to worry because BJJ fighters are required to remind the mouthguard when practicing. Of course, you cannot choose a mouthguard carelessly. You must choose the best BJJ mouthguard that can really protect your mouth. Never buy a fake mouthguard because it only will make your mouth hurt and it will not protect your mouth well. Besides, a fake mouthguard is also uncomfortable to wear.

Talking about the Best BJJ mouthguard, you may be confused about choosing a mouthguard product that is compatible with Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. This time, we would like to show you the five best BJJ mouthguards that are available for sale.

Oral Mart Mouthguard

The first choice if you want to buy a mouthguard for BJJ is the Oral Mart mouthguard. Oral Mart is one of the world’s leading mouthguard brands. Many athletes use the Oral Mart mouthguard when they are training or competing. The Oral Mart mouthguard is not a new product and is a favorite mouthguard for most junior BJJ fighters. Of course, there are several reasons why they choose the Oral Mart mouthguard when attending BJJ practice.

It has various designs and types

The first thing that requires you to choose an Oral Mart mouthguard is that the mouthguard is coming in various designs and types. You can choose a mouthguard with your favorite design. For instance, you can choose a mouthguard with a USA flag design, vampire teeth, superhero theme, and much more. Orat Mart mouthguard also comes in various types depending on the usage. If you join BJJ, then you can wear a mouthguard that is specifically designed for BJJ.

Oral Mart mouthguard is also available for kids

BJJ is not a martial art for adults only. In fact, a lot of kids joined BJJ. Whether adults or children, they are required to wear mouthguards. Fortunately, Orat Mart also provides a large selection of mouthguards that are suitable for kids.

Oral Mart mouthguard is suitable for various types of sports

What kind of sport do you participate in? Not all sports require a mouthguard, but you can get Orat Mart mouthguards for various sports such as BJJ, rugby, ice hockey, MMA, boxing, basketball, football, martial arts, Karate, and much more.

Oral Mart mouthguard is comfortable to wear

When you join BJJ, you should wear a comfortable mouthguard and that doesn’t hurt your gums or mouth. Oral Mart mouthguard is the best choice because it is made of quality and soft materials. Apart from that, it is also 100% safe to use and no BPA.

Oral Mart Mouthguard is quite affordable

When you are about to buy a mouthguard, it is also necessary to know the price. Well, Oral Mart mouthguard is a good choice if you want to buy an affordable mouthguard. You can choose your favorite mouthguard type and design, and pay less. If possible, you may also get a special discount from the Oral mart.

Shock Doctors’ Strapless Mouthguard

If you are considering other mouthguard products, then you might be able to choose Shock Doctors mouthguard. This mouthguard is trapless and suitable for all athletes, including BJJ athletes. In general, Shock Doctor’s mouthguard serves to protect the mouth as a whole. However, it is simpler and doesn’t look like a professional mouthguard. What makes Shock Doctors’ strapless mouthguard the best choice for you? Some of the reasons why many people choose Shock Doctor’s mouthguard are:

It is made from silicon

The base material for Shock Doctor’s strapless mouthguard is a silicone that feels soft when bitten. It is usually also used for medical purposes. When you wear this mouthguard, it adapts to the structure of your teeth when you move your mouth thanks to the soft material.

It has small holes for ventilation

So that mouthguard users do not feel hot when wearing this mouthguard, Shock Doctors made this mouthguard with a ventilation function so that air will still enter the mouth.

Users don’t need to boil it to reuse it

Shock Doctor’s mouthguard is designed with medical silicon so the user doesn’t have to boil the mouthguard when he or she wants to reuse it. This mouthguard is still comfortable when you reuse it many times.

Venom Mouthguard

Venom has also become one of the most famous mouthguards in many countries. For example, you can choose the Venom Challenger and Venom predator mouthguard which looks so fierce and stylish. This is suitable for those who participate in various kinds of martial arts, including BJJ. Venom mouthguard also offers several features that make you interested in wearing it. Some of the features and advantages of Venom challenger and predator are:

Venom Challenger has next fit gel frame

This makes you feel comfortable when wearing this mouthguard so that your teeth don’t hurt. Besides, it also has better adjustment. This will not block your breathing so you can still breathe easy when participating in the competition.

Venom Predator has a special XT gel frame

If you want to feel comfortable and soft on the mouth when wearing a mouthguard, then Venom predator must be a good choice. It also has a good adjustment so that the mouth does not feel full. This is perfect for BJJ fighters who rely on punches so that their teeth are well-protected.

Venom mouthguard has a unique design

In addition to function, you may also see the design of a mouthguard. Well, Venom mouthguard is also quite good in offering their mouthguard design. Each mouthguard also gets a case to store the mouthguard when not used. As the name implies, the venom mouthguard has a fierce and manly design.

SISU 1.6 Aero Guard

If you want to wear a mouthguard that is simpler and can protect your mouth more, then you may consider the SISU 1.6 Aero Guard. Basically, this mouthguard is specifically designed for fighters in martial arts, including BJJ.

 At least, this mouthguard will protect your teeth so your teeth don’t crack. SISU is a mouthguard brand from the USA and is quite famous as well. The simple design makes this mouthguard look practical and functional. This means, when you wear this mouthguard, you can still breathe, talk, and even drink without removing the mouthguard. It’s really a comfortable and practical mouthguard.

In fact, this mouthguard is also used as a dental mouthguard. So, when you buy this mouthguard, it does not mean that you must join BJJ. You can wear it to protect your teeth on your daily basis.

Anyway, there are still many things to consider why you may like this mouthguard. For instance, this mouthguard is a good choice because you can custom fit the mouthguard. The material used is also soft and hygienic. Though it is not the best among the mouthguards mentioned before, we still like it anyway. You may wear this mouthguard to do your activity and exercise. It is important to wear a mouthguard for safety.

Sanabul Mouthguard

If you prefer a bite and boil mouthguard, then we recommend you to choose the Sanabulmouthguard. Even though Sanabul is not that popular compared to other mouthguards, it still becomes a better choice because it offers a lot of advantages for athletes when wearing it. What makes it so special relies on its airflow technology. You can feel this feature when you wear it though.

You can reuse the mouthguard by boiling it. Also, you may trim away unnecessary parts when you want to reuse the mouthguard. For BJJ athletes, it is a perfect option because the Sanabulmouthguard becomes the easiest mouthguard to maintain and clean. It will not waste your time to maintain it because you can just grab it and wear it.

When talking about the feature, it may only have fewer features, but when you check the price, this is the most affordable mouthguard ever. But, you are no need to worry about the material used. It is not that thin anyway.

Final Verdict

Choosing a mouthguard is not easy because you will find many choices from various brands. However, once you’ve read some of the mouthguard reviews above, you’ll know which one is best for you. We can’t force you to choose the best one, but we will advise you to choose the Oral Mart mouthguard as the best choice based on our safety. There are many best mouthguards, but you will only find one that is your favorite. The Oral Mart mouthguard is not only comfortable to wear, but it also has many designs and types. It is also suitable for children and adults because you can choose your favorite mouth guard design. All in all, you should never forget to wear a mouthguard when joining Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. Otherwise, it will endanger your mouth and your teeth. But, if you want the best recommended mouthguard for BJJ, we agree that Oral Mart mouthguard must be the best choice for everybody

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