10 Best Sports Mouth Guards in 2018

10 Best Sports Mouth Guards in 2018

Wearing a mouth guard is not an option, but it is a must when you are joining a sports competition, especially for boxing, Karate, Martial Art, and much more. In fact, there are so many mouth guard products that you can buy and wear. Somehow, you need to choose the best Sport mouth guard according to your wishes. What are the best sports mouth guards in 2018? Oral Mart is one of the best examples of Sports Mouth Guard that is available in the market.  Anyway, you may consider these following best sports mouth guards in 2018.

Oral Mart CUSHION Sports Mouth Guard

The first sport mouth guard that we would like to recommend you Oral Mart CUSHION Mouth Guard, which is quite popular among athletes and sports players. Somehow, you really need to know what Oral Mart is. Oral Mart is a brand name that specifically produces mouth guard product. Oral Mart actually has already been producing a wide variety of mouth guards with different functions. So, it is your time to try Oral Mart mouth guard that you can use to protect your teeth. Anyway, you probably really want to know why wearing a protective sport guard is necessary.

Let us explain it briefly about the importance of wearing a mouth guard. It is undeniable that protecting our body part is a must, it means that there is no option but you have to do it. One of the most vulnerable parts that you need to protect is your tooth. Your teeth may not grow up anymore when they are broken or fall down. This may occur when you join a sports competition such as boxing, wrestling, playing basketball, playing soccer, martial arts, and much more. Thus, by wearing a sports mouth guard, it means that you are trying to avoid any incidents that can cause your mouth injured. It is actually a teeth and gum protector that is made from the special soft material. When an incident happens to you, this mouth guard will make sure your teeth fine and your gum will also be fine too. That’s why we would like to recommend you to choose Oral Mart CUSHION Sports Mouth Guard as one of the most popular mouth guards available in the market today.

So, why is Oral Mart mouth good the best choice? There must be a few reasons that make this Oral Mart mouth guard become the best choice for sports. Well, the official name for this product is called Oral Mart Premium Sports Mouth Guard which is specifically produced for any sports participants, players, and athletes. Moreover, Oral Mart mouth guard is also available in various colors and designs such as black and blue, white and black, American Flag styled mouth guard, Green Monster mouth guard for kids, Vampire mouth guard, and so on. In fact, you can actually check the entire products on its official Oral Mart website, but if you really wonder why Oral Mart mouth guard becomes the best choice, you may refer to this top 10 best mouth guard video from Wiki.ezvid.com and these three websites including the following review websites.

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What is Oral Mart mouth guard made from? Of course, you may want to know the material used to build an Oral Mart mouth guard. Anyway, this good mouth guard is actually made from a special cushioning design to get a comfortable mouth guard which will not hurt the user’s mouth. It has a perfect design that is able to provide more absorption better than ever. Moreover, this mouth guard is also suitable for any mouth size. According to the experts who built this mouth guard, this Oral Mart Mouth guard passes all safety tests and they can even make sure that the material used is high quality, totally safe to use, and BPA free.

Oral Mart will prioritize their customers in order to give a real protection to the users’ mouth in any occasion. Furthermore, Oral Mart is not a new brand and they also already have a lot of customers in many professions. So, there is no reason for not choosing Oral Mart mouth guard as your good mouth protection product and it is also quite affordable.


Somehow, there are a few good things or advantages when you prefer Oral Mart Mouthguard as your protection tool. Here are a few pros that you will get when you choose a sports mouth guard by Oral Mart.

  • Oral Mart is a popular brand that specifically produces sports mouth guard for many athletes since many years ago.
  • Oral Mart mouth guard products pass all safety test in order to ensure the safety and comfort when wearing their mouth guard products.
  • Oral Mart mouth guard is made from the highest quality cushion design to provide comfort for the users.
  • Oral Mart Mouthguard is available in many various designs and colors to choose for both adults and kids.
  • Oral Mart Mouthguard is suitable for any mouth size and it can be adjustable as the user wishes.
  • Oral Mart mouth guard is suitable for many uses, conditions, and situations whether for sport or daily activities.
  • Oral Mart mouth guard comes with a hygienic case to make sure that the product is sterile and clean from germs and bacteria.
  • Oral Mart mouth guard is relatively affordable and available in the online market.
  • Oral Mart offers a money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with their products.


Somehow, when there are some pros, there must be some cons which make people hesitate to choose Oral Mart mouth guard. Here are a few cons that you may consider when buying Oral Mart Sports Mouthguard.

  • Oral Mart sports mouth guard is not chew resistant, so you have to be careful when wearing this mouth guard.
  • There is no a custom fit choice.

Well, that’s all about Oral Mart premium sports mouth guard which becomes your first best choice just in case you are looking for a good mouth guard that provides a real comfort and safety. Somehow, you can also consider these following mouth guard products from other brands.

XCELER8 Athletics Youth Mouth Guard

This is the second best choice of mouth guard for sports which is known to have double layers of shock absorption properties. Of course, this mouth guard will be comfortable when you wear it on your mouth, even for a long period of time. Moreover, since it is made from gel design, you can just simply fit it into your mouth without any issues and it is suitable for any genres and ages. Furthermore, the material is also FDA approved that is considered as a safe mouth guard for internal usage. Moreover, it is also available with a good case to make sure it is always clean and sterile.


–    It uses FDA approved material for safety use

–    It is also available with a good case

–    It is available with two cushioning layers for protection

–    It is designed with adjustment for anybody and any ages


–    It does not have comfortable sides

–    You may feel bulky when wearing it for a long time

Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit

It is a good sports mouth guard that has a strapless design which can provide comfort for all users. In addition, this mouth guard product is also according to NFHS rules and specifically made for mouth protection, and the material is also chewed resistant. Since it is made from a soft material, you may talk while wearing it without getting any difficulties.


–    You can wear Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit along with braces

–    The material is durable and it is also chew resistant

–    The design is good and it can fit any adult teeth

–    You can still easily and comfortably talk while wearing this mouth guard


–    it is not suitable for any ages

–    The design is not custom fit

Sports Mouth Guards from ProDental

ProDental is another popular brand that also produces good mouth guards for sports. It is also known that ProDental can produce the most comfortable mouthguard ever. In addition, this mouth guard is also easy to wear since it is also available in moldable design. Moreover, this mouth guard is also suitable for adults and kids. Not only that, the material used is also thick with a transparent design that is able to provide better shock absorption and protection.


–    Sports Mouth Guards from ProDental is suitable for adults and kids above 11 age years old

–    The material used is quite thick with better cushioning in order to provide a real protection to the teeth

–    You can just simply and easily mold it

–    ProDental offers a money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with their products


–    It is not available with a case

–    It is not suitable for users with braces

LiteBITE Basketball Mouthguard

LiteBITE is a famous brand that produces a mouth guard for basketball players with its ergonomic design. LiteBITE mouth guard is known to be very lightweight and it is also able to protect both your gums and teeth when playing basketball. Moreover, it is also designed with rounded edges which can make sure the comfortable feeling while you talk and breath. In addition, you can also mold this mouth guard after wearing it by simply using hot water.


–    It is known to be the most lightweight mouth guard ever

–    It is available with rounded edges for comfort

–    You can still breath and talk comfortably and easily while wearing it

–    It will protect your gums along with the teeth at the same time

–    You can use hot water to customize it


–    some have difficulty understanding how the fitting process works

Note: There are those few people who have more difficulty than the majority at getting a proper fit, just because they are doing it themselves at home and some have a difficulty understanding how to apply instructions. But even then they can re-form it a couple of times for a couple more tries, and they will even be sent a free replacement to try it yet again if they think they understand and just want to give it another go. The vast majority of people have a pretty good fit within the first two tries.

Teeth Armor Professional Sports Mouth Guards

Teeth Armor also becomes the most popular mouth guard brand that is available in today’s market with its sports mouth guard. This mouth guard is specifically produced to fit any basketball players’ mouths or other athletes. Since it is designed with double cushioning layers, so it will have better shock absorption when protecting your teeth. In addition, it is not made from Latex of dangerous rubber so you can wear it safely.


–    It is made from a safe rubber material, no preservatives, and additives

–    It is suitable for adults and youngsters

–    Good shock absorption thanks to its double cushioning layers

–    You can mold this mouth guard easily


–    It is not suitable for users with braces

–    The edges created are not too comfortable in the mouth

Redline Sportswear Custom Fit Mouthguard

Redline becomes the next best choice for a mouth guard product that you can buy now. It is known that this mouth guard has a dual design which is able to protect your mouth totally. Since it is made from good material, it can absorb hardest hits well. Moreover, you can lend this mouth guard to your friends by just boiling it. In addition, it is also FRD approved, so you are no need to worry about the quality.


–    It is FRA approved mouth guard

–    It is available with a case

–    Total mouth protection with dual design

–    It is suitable for any users at any ages


–    You cannot boil it to mold it

–    It is not comfortable to wear while breathing in

Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard

One of the most popular mouth guard options by Battle is the Fang edition that looks so scary, but it is very useful. In addition, this mouth guard is also available in various sizes for both teenagers and adults. Simply, you can boil this mouth guard just in case you want to use it again. In addition, it is also suitable for users with braces.


–    You may mold it by boiling the mouth guard

–    It is suitable for users with braces

–    You can choose according to the sizes available


–    It is not available with  a case

–    You cannot easily breath in

SISU Mouth Guards Aero Mouthguard for Youth/Adults

SISU is another popular mouth guard brad that produces mouth guards for athletes of any ages. Moreover, it also has a slim design which also supports custom fit whenever you wear it according to the size as you wish. In addition, it also looks cool because it is designed without making you feel difficult to breathe and talk.


–    Custom fit design

–    It is suitable for users at any ages

–    Safety feature with rounded edges

–    It is available with a wide bite pad


–    You cannot mold it repeatedly

–    It is not available with a case

OPRO Mouthguard

The last option for the best mouth guard for sport goes to OPRO mouth guard that is specifically designed for athletes in order to protect teeth and gums. It has 13 cavities which will perfectly fit your gums and teeth without making you feel difficult to breathe or talk.


–    It is available with cavities for teeth and gums protection

–    It is made from a thick material

–    Available in various colors

–    You can still easily breath and talk when wearing it


–    You may feel bulky when wearing for a long time

–    It does not have enough custom mouth

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