Is Hockey a Worldwide Sport? Why or Why Not?

Is Hockey a Worldwide Sport? Why or Why Not?

The world is filled with plenty of sports and all are somewhat regional or are sometimes limited to a certain area or a country. That is because of the traditions and the norms of that specific region but then comes some sports that are way bigger than the normal ones and they span over national borders of countries. Those sports are what we call Global. In which not just certain areas but whole nations participate and precipitate to let themselves known. One such name in the world of sports is Hockey that has been around for such a long time but still despite being the third most famous sport in the world, field hockey has only managed to be televised every four years during the Olympics or Commonwealth Games.

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But have you ever turned your TV on and easily been able to tune into a 24/7 channel that is only dedicated to show the very games of this sport? Or perhaps a specific channel playing it for one part of the day. Although the game boasts a staggering figure of two billion fans worldwide and 112 countries officially take part in this game on a national level it still hasn’t managed to get televised. Hockey is as interesting as football and the difference is of the ball alone, even in hockey we get to see two opposite teams trying to goal, it involves tackling and also passing and dodging still because of the other games trying to take in the premiership of the channels and because of their big budgets, hockey suffers. We might not see Hockey as a famous game but it still has incredible demand, which has somehow gone under the radar and absent from our lively sports discourse. It definitely is a worldwide sport, the only difference is that we are not able to see it on our TV like other sports.


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