The New York Jets’ Search For A Quarterback

The New York Jets’ Search For A Quarterback


Here’s a depressing fact, if you’re a New York Jets fan: this season will mark exactly two decades since the team has sent a quarterback to the Pro Bowl. The last time the guy under center for the Jets made the NFL’s All-Star game, it was Vinny Testaverde, who was 35 years old and on his fourth NFL team at that point in his career.


Since then, the Jets quarterback situation has been a rotating door of sadness. Testaverde blew out his Achilles’ tendon the following year, and was never the same guy. They drafted Chad Pennington to be the answer, and while he looked good for periods of time, he could never stay healthy himself. The one season of Brett Favre was a disaster. The Jets traded the farm to go get Mark Sanchez, but he never became the guy they envisioned. Geno Smith was a failure from the get-go. Ryan Fitzpatrick had one good season, and then became Ryan Fitzpatrick again. It’s sad that the best quarterback that the Jets have had since the turn of the century might be Josh McCown, a journeyman stop-gap quarterback playing on a one-year deal.


Ironically enough, the Jets are actually going to bring back McCown, who’ll turn 39 years old right before training camp starts, for one more go-around. Only this time, he’ll compete with Teddy Bridgewater, whom the team also acquired in an effort to resurrect the former first-round pick’s career (after a gruesome knee injury in Minnesota), to be the “bridge” quarterback for the next “quarterback of the future” for the Jets.


That’s because the New York Jets struck a deal with the Indianapolis Colts, to move up from the sixth overall selection to the third overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Jets paid a very hefty price to do so, surrendering two second-round picks in 2018 plus a second-round pick 2019, in order to swap their firsts. The move was almost certainly made with the goal of procuring one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft. From everything gathered, the Jets felt like they had to make a move up, because the top four quarterbacks were going to be taken among the top five picks, and with them having the 6th overall pick, they’d be the ones left out. Their two division rivals — the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins — have both been hotly-rumored teams, regarding interest in moving up to get a quarterback for themselves.


Initial reports indicate that the Jets would love to either get their hands on Josh Rosen from UCLA, or Josh Allen from Wyoming. Rosen could be a very good fit in New York, given his brash personality — he’d be looked at as a modern day Joe Namath — and because he’d be playing for an offensive coordinator in Jeremy Bates, who has experience in dealing with enigmatic quarterbacks (Bates once coached Jay Cutler). Allen is the strong-armed quarterback that many teams have fallen in love with, and could be in a perfect situation in New York, where he could sit behind McCown and/or Bridgewater for the foreseeable future, without having to be prematurely rushed into action.


With these moves, the Jets are finally hoping that the search for a quarterback in Gotham is finally put to rest.

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