Muay Thai or commonly called Thai boxing is a sport that many people love, not only by men but also by women. Although classified as a “macho” sport because there are elements of self-defense, but muay Thai proved effective for weight loss. Many women are interested in Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a type of kickboxing that is originated from Thailand which has existed since 1000 years ago. Initially, this martial art was coming with violence, but now muay Thai techniques have been made much safer to do as a sport that can maintain body fitness. You can wear a mouth guard for better safety. Muay Thai has also developed and started to carry out body shaping techniques that are very useful for weight loss, so it is not surprising that many women are interested in trying this type of sport. So Why women should start training Muay Thai? Check the following reasons by the way.

  1. Muay Thai is the best way to burn fat

Muay Thai sports combine martial techniques and muscle training. The martial arts techniques used include punches, kicks, elbows, and knee attacks so that when practicing, you unconsciously move all parts of your body. Movements such as turning the body, attacking with the elbow, and kicking can tighten and burn fat on the body. If muay Thai is done regularly, your body may become leaner and firmer.

  • Muay Thai to defend yourself

Never see Muay Thai as an exercise that has full violence and pain. This sport teaches you techniques to protect yourself from unexpected attacks. You can use your punching, kicking, and even slamming movements in an emergency.

When strangers are bothering you just a little, you know the movements that have to be done to make it so that you do not move. Knowing how to protect yourself will create a sense of security wherever and wherever you are. You don’t need to use some equipment because Muay Thai makes your hands strong.

  • Muay Thai can build self-confidence

When you practice regularly and have a good development, you will develop confidence as a fighter. Somehow it does not mean that you can invite people to fight with you, but your confidence will grow up and not hesitate anywhere, whether in the sparing arena or the social environment. Learning self-defense can also improve your social interaction skills because training sessions always involve trainers and other colleagues.

  • Muay Thai can develop mental strength

Perseverance is one of the best self-qualities you will get from kickboxing like Muay Thai because you will learn to rise when you fall, try to strike back when you get hit, this physical exercise will have an impact on your mental strength in living your social life. You will not stop trying when it fails or back away when problems are blocking your path to achieving dreams.

  • It can teach you how to love yourself

Martial arts like Muay Thai generally do not require certain weapons or equipment, but rather teach you how to use the body as a means of attack and shield to protect. Therefore, you will learn to respect your body and care for it properly. The sign indirectly, you will change your lifestyle to be healthier. This is one way to love yourself that you will get when you regularly practice Muay Thai. But, remember that you must always wear a mouth guard so that your teeth are protected.

  • Muay Thai can make you feel happy

An intense martial arts session will increase endorphin production, which then makes you feel happier after completing the activity. Well, everybody must feel happy when the body feels fitter, more ideal body shape, and do not feel afraid because of learning useful self-protection techniques. You can also practice Muay Thai for a hobby because Muay Thai is a type of sport that can maintain the health of our bodies, especially for women.

  • Muay Thai can increase Stamina

When you start practicing muay Thai, maybe you will feel tired because this type of exercise is very draining and emphasizes the strength of your body. However, if you regularly practice Muay Thai, your stamina will increase and you will become stronger.

  • Muay Thai can strengthen body muscles

Not only does it burn calories and make you lose weight, but practicing muay Thai can also strengthen muscles in all parts of your body, including your stomach muscles. Punching, elbowing, and kicking will increase the strength of the muscles and tighten almost all parts of the body.

  • Muay Thai can streamline the hips

When you do the kicking and attacking with your knees, your hips will be trained, so the hips will be more flexible and also slim.

  1. Muay Thai can relieve stress

Practicing Muay Thai turns out to be able to relieve stress. You can vent your emotions and thought load after a day of activities through punching and kicking movements while practicing muay Thai. But, you need to remember that you should always wear a mouthguard when you train this kickboxing with friends.

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