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NFL Football News – The Top 10 Teams In The NFL Through 10 Weeks of 2017


With the 10th week of the NFL’s regular season now in the books, we’re starting to find out who are the real “have” and “have nots” in the league.  In fact, after this week, we’ve become highly certain of who are the five best teams in each conference.

In the NFC, we look like we’re at a point where five of the six playoff teams seem to have separated themselves from the rest of the pack, and everyone else will be fighting for that one last Wild Card spot.

Even on a bye week, the Philadelphia Eagles are still the best team in the NFL, by virtue of their 8-1 record, and the fact that they have the presumptive favorite for the NFL’s MVP award this year (Carson Wentz).

But this past weekend, the Minnesota Vikings beat up on a pretty good Washington Redskins team this weekend, on the road no less. The New Orleans totally annihilated a really tough Buffalo Bills team. The Los Angeles Rams started slow, but ended up destroying the fading Houston Texans, and not only boast a 6-1 record over their last seven games, but are also the highest-scoring team in the NFL. And the Carolina Panthers thoroughly dismantled perhaps the ugliest .500 team (entering Monday Night) in NFL history, in the Miami Dolphins.

Each one of those teams have seven or more wins through 10 weeks this season; even more interestingly: none of those five teams made the playoffs last season.

Over in the AFC, in what was virtually no surprise to anyone (at least outside the state of Colorado), the New England Patriots absolutely throttled the floundering Denver Broncos, and re-asserted themselves as the top dogs in the AFC. Similar to the NFC race, it seems like there’s a sizable step down from New England and the rest of the teams in the conference.

It might’ve been one of the ugliest wins this year, but after outscoring their opponent 17-3 in the second half of the game, the Pittsburgh Steelers staved off a horrific upset at the hands of the lowly Indianapolis Colts. It’s not always pretty, but Pittsburgh has won seven of their nine games this year.

The Tennessee Titans are riding perhaps the quietest four-game winning streak in the NFL right now, beating their third-straight opponent from the AFC North (the Cincinnati Bengals). The Kansas City Chiefs were on a bye, but given the struggles of the rest of the teams in the AFC West, it’s hard to see them not winning the division, almost by default.

And the Jacksonville Jaguars played a terribly sloppy game on Sunday, but were the beneficiaries of the Los Angeles Chargers finding new ways to lose games. All of those teams have at least six wins themselves, and hold a relatively sizable gap over the majority of the remaining teams in the conference.

At least at this point in time, it’s really hard to see any other team leapfrogging the teams mentioned above. So, at least for the time being, we have a good luck on the teams in the top one-third of the NFL this season.


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