The Effectiveness of BJJ for Self Defense Technique

The Effectiveness of BJJ for Self Defense Technique

Today, there are different kinds of martial arts coming from all over the world with their own different characteristics.  Knowing at least a little bit of martial arts is important in order to defend yourself from any threats.  Since the growing popularity of the martial arts, more and more people are starting to appreciate the complexities of grappling and ground fighting disciplines.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) for example, the technique used is quite unique, and will automatically drain your sweat.  The focus is on the technique of strangulation and locking on the floor, which is useful for making your opponents collapse.  Thus, BJJ is a form of physical training to help master martial skills.  Unlike other martial arts, BJJ training will teach you how to use your opponent’s strength to knock them out.  Therefore, it’s not just about using your muscle strength to beat your opponents until battered and bruised.

So, are you ready for some BJJ training?  OSS!  You might want to get used to this phrase from now on, because it’s a word commonly said for greetings with your fellow opponents and also it’s an expression of willingness to conquer oneself in almost all martial arts.

Now, you will also need to know why BJJ is effective?  As mentioned earlier, BJJ is a type of self-defense technique that will help you learn some important defensive moves and how to get up from the most dangerous positions when you are overthrown to the floor.  Thus, in a tournament, BJJ is indeed quite effective and efficient, especially during 1 vs 1. 

Hence, this type of martial arts techniques created by a true Brazilian fighter and founder of BJJ, Helio Gracie (deceased) has been proven to be able to defeat their opponents with a much bigger physical body who have great martial arts skills.  This is what makes BJJ in great demand by many groups, even UFC and MMA fighters also equip their fighting skills with BJJ techniques for UFC tournaments

Moreover, BJJ is very helpful in street fight real-life situations considering that there are many fights that ultimately end up in ground fights.  But many suggest adding techniques from other martial arts disciplines to accompany BJJ, mainly Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, or Judo.  The reason is to avoid ground fighting, since no fighters want to ground fight on paved roads, dirt, or even hard floors.  Another reason BJJ is effective is for 1 vs 1, but a little bit riskful during more than 1 opponents.

Can Jiu Jitsu kill?

Of the many martial arts in the world, there are some that have really dangerous techniques and have the potential to injure your opponents to death.  In other words, there are some of the deadliest martial arts in the world and BJJ is one of them, while others such as Judo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Krav Marga, and several others are also included.

In the case of BJJ, its self-defense based martial arts techniques allow people who are petite to fight with opponents that are bigger than them.  In addition, BJJ has a serious attack technique because it can kill opponents instantly.  BJJ’s fighting style is not like most martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, boxing, Muay Thai, or any other types of striking martial arts that are popular.  BJJ is closer to wrestling or judo

Hence, BJJ is more identified with grappling or a type of ground fight where the ultimate goal is to defeat the enemy by submission or locking.  There will be no punches or kicks, let alone using claws and grabs.  The key to BJJ is to knock down your opponents by breaking their bones or joints.  So, even if you have a tiny body, don’t be afraid to fight.  Because the main goal in BJJ fights is to focus all on self-defense techniques, not by memorizing various standard movements like in karate, or on the thoughts that someone’s physique or a more robust body shape will outplay you.

Now that you know how effective BJJ is and how serious the techniques are, it’s best that you know how BJJ is more than just for self-defense.  These are several benefits of BJJ:

  • Train mental focus— Practicing a combination of punching, kicking, locking, and slamming techniques at the same time requires focus and special skills.
  • Train body flexibility— Focuses on floor locks that rely on flexibility and speed movement to knock down opponents. 
  • Reduce stress and negative energy— Endorphin compounds that are released during exercise can create a sense of pleasure that is useful for releasing all negative energy and relieving stress.
  • Burn fat— One two-hour BJJ training session can burn more than 700 calories.
  • Increase stamina— All parts of the body are used to move, so that it will automatically improve stamina.
  • Tone muscles— Using almost all parts of the body, movements to strengthen muscles, such as running, sit-ups, push-ups, squat walking, and more are useful for making muscles stronger.

If you are interested in this type of martial arts, then before your training, as a beginner, you must protect yourself during the training process.  Here are some personal protective equipments that you will need for it:

  • BJJ Mouthguard— aims to protect your teeth, curves in your mouth, lips, and gums during hard sparring sessions.  This particular kit can usually be found in two variants, the boil and bite type, or the custom-made type.
  • Gi— workout outfit consisting of a heavy cotton top, a pair of trousers, and a belt.  The purpose of gi is to protect you from abrasions or burns that you may experience while grappling. 
  • Rash Guard— are worn under your gi to help protect your skin from abrasions and burns.
  • Foam Roller— can help relax tense muscles, which can occur after a long period of practice.

In essence, BJJ is so popular amongst MMA athletes, because it has the most flawless techniques in terms of ground fighting.  BJJ emphasizes locking techniques rather than striking, such as punches and kicks, and makes their opponents collapse without having to release a single punch and also without injuring them.

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