Krav Mega, the Deadliest Martial Art

Anything You Need to Know about Krav Mega, the Deadliest Martial Art

More people discover the value of self-defense techniques in real life. Among the well-known martial arts, Krav mega gains more popularity than ever before. Krav mega is a branch of self-defense that originated from Israel. The word Krav mega in the Hebrew Language means ‘contact combat. 

Even though there are lots of people near me who know Krav mega, but only a few of them understand it. Krav mega is not exactly martial arts, but it is a combat system and military self-defense which particularly developed for IDF or Israeli Defense Forces. This self-defense technique combines some techniques from the deadliest martial arts for instance judo, karate, wrestling, boxing, and karate. The techniques from other martial arts are combined with the technique of street fighting. This makes Krav mega the only martial art that can be used in a real-life situation with high efficiency. Even though it combines techniques from other martial arts, but the original concept was to adopt the most practical and simple techniques from the martial arts branch (which are European wrestling, boxing, and street fighting) then make it quickly teachable for the Israeli military. 

How dangerous is Krav mega

The philosophy of Krav mega emphasizes aggression, offensive maneuvers, and simultaneous defense. Even though Krav mega is originally developed for the Israeli Defense Force, but Krav mega practitioners also develop the version of it for public teaching and training. Then Krav mega become popular in the United States and Europe due to the effectiveness. This adaptation of Krav mega is different from the original version. Currently, there are two types of Krav mega which are the Israeli security forces type and the civilian type of Krav mega. 

Despite the effectiveness, Krav mega is considered the most effective, lethal, and even deadliest form of self-defense. But, how dangerous is Krav mega in real life? The main reason why Krav mega is considered the deadliest martial art is that its combination of techniques from other martial arts. It takes the techniques from the best martial arts and combines them to become the deadliest martial arts. 

The key learning of Krav mega is the students are encouraged to avoid physical confrontation. If physical confrontation is unavoidable, then it should be finished in the fight as aggressively and quickly as possible. The techniques in Krav mega aim the most vital part and even during training, it does not limit to techniques that avoid severe injuries. Some people even experience a worse situation such as permanently injured and the death of the opponent. The Krav mega way is to strike aggressively and save yourself mercilessly. This makes Krav mega the deadliest martial art. 

In Krav mega classes, you will learn to defend techniques of all varieties. You will also learn the most effective and quickest counter in Krav mega sessions. If you want to learn Krav mega as a beginner, you will need to use a mouthguard and mouthpiece.

Is Krav mega effective in real life?

Krav mega is indeed useful in real-life situations s a self-defense technique. It integrates the instinct of self-defense with a strong foundation on fighting spirit, aggressiveness, and situational awareness. Here are the three basic parts of Krav mega in real life. 

  • Self-defense – this is the foundation of Krav mega which is always taught in classes in NYC. The self-defense part trains the student to be able to combat or defend at all costs, both unarmed and armed situation. The students will be taught the techniques so they can defend themselves in unfavorable situations and increase the survival chances. 
  • Combat- The advanced level of Krav mega, students will learn to defeat the opponent most effectively and quickly as possible. The instructor encourages students to improvise the techniques on their own and have better performance in battle. They will also learn the elements of fighting such as fighting techniques, combat tactics, and also psychological tactics to be mentally aware of the surrounding. Besides hand-in-hand fighting, students will also learn to use common weapons such as guns, knives, swords, and also turning any objects into a weapon. This also includes an important part of self-defense and survival techniques. 
  • Protection – once you reached the Krav mega expert, do not be surprised if there are VIPs who want you to become their protector. It can be another field of job if you learn Krav mega seriously and have direct experience in war or the military. 

Is Krav mega banned from MMA?

Despite being the deadliest martial art, surprisingly Krav mega is not banned from MMA. You can still see your favorite Krav mega fighter in MMA or maybe participating in MMA as Krav mega fighter. Even though it is not banned in MMA, but there are lots of moves that are banned. The so-called dirty tactics such as kneeling in the groin, head butting, breaking fingers, and other techniques are prohibited to use in MMA. While these techniques are essential in Krav mega as part of self-defense, but MMA is a sport. The athletes have to be around, so they cannot have these techniques. The reason why you do not see Krav mega fighters in MMA is not that they are banned, but they just do not do well in MMA. 

What martial art do Navy SEALs use?

As the best-armed forces special operation unit, there are some martial arts used in Navy SEALs. The basic of martial art for NAVY SEALs is intense training for any combat as well as hand-in-hand fighting. The purpose of the training is crystal clear; it should be efficient to defeat the opponent and able to read the situation perfectly. The common martial arts use in NAVY SEALs is Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Krav Mega, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. These are considered effective martial arts for combat. The martial arts should be able to keep them safe and keep their team safe during the mission. No wonder if Krav mega, the deadliest martial art, is taught in NAVY SEALs because it serves the same foundation. 

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