Best Mouthguards for Your Needs

Various Functions and Types of Moutguards

When it comes to the protection when you are doing sports, there are many protections that you can use to protect your vital organ. One of them which can be used is mouthguard. This is used to protect your mouth especially your teeth while you have exercise or sport. This is very essential to use because mouth and teeth belong to the vital organ that should be protected in the sport, even in the heavy sports. Even though not all of the sports use this, some of the sports usually use mouthguards, such as: football, basketball, boxing, MMA, Ice Hockey, and Battle. All of those sports needs the mouthguard to protects the vital organ.


Mouthguard for Football

The first type of sport in which the athletes use mouth guard is football. Perhaps, some of you are getting weird whether the athletes use this mouthguard. Some of the athletes is prior to protect their mouth or teeth by using mouthguard. Football may belong to the type of sport which is not as extreme as the other sports, such as: boxing, battle, and the others.   However, using the mouth guard can be beneficial as it will protect your teeth and your body from the unintentional kick or the ball kicked by the other players. you may have ever seen that there were some injuries in football which is occurred in the mouth or the teeth. It can be so fat if there is no mouth guard inside their mouth.


When it comes to the football mouth guard, you can choose the custom moutguard which will give your more comfort, correct thickness, and of course maximum protection so that you can play football without getting inconvenient. The custom mouth guard may could not be found in the common market. You can order this in the qualified dentist.


Basketball Mouthguard

Some people may be questioned why the basketball players should use mouthguard. Basketball may have the almost similar characteristics with the football. While playing this type of sport, you need aggressiveness, flexibility, and speed. Because of that reason, most of basketball players avoid using mouth guard to protect your mouth and the other surrounding vital organs. However, even though playing basketball, it doesn’t mean that you must neglect using mouth guard because in this sport, the players often clash with the other players and sometimes, it involve their mouth and leading to mouth injuries.


Basketball can belong to the sport which needs agility and speed and the potential of clash is of course higher. Because of that reason, using mouth guard can be the better choice.  You can choose the mouth guard which is suitable with the sport. You may choose custom mouthguard.


Boxing Mouthguard

For the common people, seeing the boxing players uses mouthguard is so common, especially for the amateur boxing levels. Perhaps, most of the players should use mouthguards. This is important because boxing belongs to the combat sport and the sport needs the sufficient protection especially in the face. Boxing belongs to the sport of punching the opponent and most of their punch directs to the face. Because of that reason, using mouthguard is a must for the amateur players.


For those who want to purchase the mouthguard for the boxing, they can choose the specific mouth guards namely, combat sport mouth guards in the common market. This type of mouth guard is designed specifically for the combat athletes including boxing athletes. The type of boxing mouthguards may be different from the basketball or football mouthguards. The mouthguard is thicker since this is used for protecting the punches from the opponent.


MMA Mouthguard

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) can be categorized as the combat sport which also needs full of protection for the players’ body. MMA is slightly similar to the boxing but this type of sport can use not only their punches but also their kicks. While in the boxing, the players  just should use their punch in attacking their opponents while in MMA, the players can use both their punches and their kicks and it means that players of MMA, especially for the amateur need  to use mouthguards.


The type of mouth guard which can be chosen and used is combat sport mouthguard. This type of mouthguard is usually used in the other sports, such as: Boxing Muangthay, and the other combats. The characteristics of this mouthguard is having the thicker form which allow more dispersal and shock absorption of the direct impact while getting punches. While you want to look for the MMA mouthguard, the important thing that you should consider is the thicker one although you need more time while using the mouthguard.


Ice Hockey Mouthguards

Another sport which usually uses mouthguard is ice hockey. In some countries, like: in the United States, the mouthguard is a must for all of the girl hockey players in the age 12 or under 19 years, or under ages qualification. The mouthguard should covers all of the teeth and jaws, especially the upper jaws. Meanwhile in Canada, using mouthguard is also compulsory for the junior hockey players and optional for the senior hockey players. however, for the kids hockey players, they do not need to use the mouthguards because they have worn the full-face protectors.

From the statements above, moutguards belongs to the important device for the hockey players. when it comes to the type of mouthguards, they can choose the custom mouthguard for protecting their teeth, jaws and the other vital organs.

Battle Mouthguards

Battle belongs to the combat sport and of course, it also needs the full protection while exercising the sport. Since the sport belongs to the ‘extreme’ sport, the players should use the mouthguard to protect their mouth and their teeth. like the MMA and the boxing, the players of the sport can use the combat sport mouthguard which is specifically designed for the combat sport athletes. This type of mouthguard is thicker one and you need more time to use it. If your combat sport mouthguard isn’t suited with you, it highly recommends choosing the custom mouthguard so that you can have the specific thickness which is convenient when it use in the exercise.  The battle also need speed , ability, and aggressiveness, choosing the custom is highly recommended even though you need a time and more money to own it.


Mouthguards For Bruxism

Have you ever experienced clenching and grinding teeth? yups, both of them  are also suffered by the others. About 8%  people in the world also suffers he sleep Bruxism and the related symptoms of insomnia, tooth damage, and facial pain. Besides that, another theory from Giraki also states that Bruxism can also be caused by the stress. Because of it, bruxism is quite difficult to cure and most of the dentist suggest the patients of bruxism for using custom mouth guard as their nightguard. The custom mouthguard is useful and helpful for protecting your teeth and reducing the symptoms.

When it comes to bruxism, the custom mouthguard is not only effective for sport but also for sleeping.  If you suffer clenching and teeth grinding during the day, you are not the one because about 20 percent population experiences bruxism during the daytime. When you experience the tooth damage and pain durin the day, you can try the discrete and thin the daytime mouthguard. One of the benefits of using daytime mouthguard is it does not affect your comfort in speaking. Besides that, the mouthguard will also protect your tooth enamel.

When it comes to the nightguard for bruxism, most of the dentists will highly recommend the custom mouthguard which has a cost from $300-$500. Wow, it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, while seeing the function in protecting your teeth and your jaw, the prices are worthwhile. the mentioned prices above of course can changes, you can look for the dentist or the other retailers which provide the nightguard in less than $200.  In the terms of long lasting, the mouthguards may vary depending on the thickness and the material used. Some of the guards can be used to protect your teeth and jaw at least 6 months, even they still can be used for 5 years.

Bruxism is not easy to cure but you can lower the risk of bruxism by protecting yourself from the symptoms. Using the custom guard will provide the protective layers between the teeth. besides that, the guard is also helpful for preventing  from the destruction of tooth enamel and cushioning your jaws in order to ease the pain in your facial muscle. Besides that, using this type of guard is also helpful for avoiding clenching, grinding teeth, and correcting the alignment of your teeth.   even though worn in the daytime, the guard still can be used as the guard is thin and flexible.


Custom Mouthguards

When it comes to the types of mouthguards, there are several types which can be chosen. You can choose the combat sport mouthguard, if you want to look for the mouthguard which can be used for protecting your mouth and your teeth while competing boxing, MMA, or battle. The characteristic of this mouthguards is thicker compared to the others. However, if you are football players, or even combat sport players who want to have the custom fit and custom made mouthguards, you can choose the custom mouthguards.

When it comes to the custom mouthguards, you will have the exact fit and size of the mouthguards. It means that you do not need to try or mold the mouthguards into your teeth before you want to purchase it. To make the custom mouthguards, it needs you to take your teeth imprinting  and then, it will be used to make your customize mouthguard which is exactly fit and convenient while using.

How to get the custom mouthguards? are they available online or can they only be made by the dentists due to the regulars? So far, if you are going to look for the custom mouthguards, you can see the qualified dentist and you can ask him for creating the convenient mouthguard. If you want to look for the custom mouthguard in the online market, I have no idea whether there is  retailer which sell the custom mouthguards because most of the custom mouthguards are created by the dentist by copying the size of your mouth and  teeth. Nevertheless, the development of technology may allow the dentists or the other professionals to accommodate the custom mouthguard online.

You can try in looking for the custom mouthguards online by suffering from the web. Most of the dentists or the custom mouthguards retailers usually sell their custom mouthguard less than $90. However, the prices may vary as the mouthguards depends on the sizes, print and brand.

Actually, having the custom mouthguards is useful as this type of mouthguards have benefits which could not be found in the other types of mouthguards, for example, boil and bite mouthguards easily fall out if they are getting punch or hit. Of course, it is not good. Because of that reason, if you have more money and patience, I highly recommend you to have the custom mouthguards which will give you better ful-protection. Besides that, the custom mouthguards are also fit and keep staying in your mouth even they get punch or hit.


Mouthguards for Treating TMJ disorders

Do you know Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)? TMJ belongs to a joint which links your lower jaw, also called by mandible, to your skull. This joint could be got on the both sides of the heads, especially in front of the ears. This joint enables your jaw to both close and open your mouth. Besides that, it also allows you to speak and even eat. Because of that fact, it is so painful while someone suffers TMJ disorders.  This type of disorder is able to lead to tenderness in your facial pain, join and making your joint difficulty to move. Based on the research conducted by Dental and Craniofacial Research of National Institute, TMJ disorders mostly attack the women rather than the men. However, this type of disorder can be treated and the possible causes of this disorder may be different. Therefore,


When it comes to the causes of TMJ, the causes are not sure. However, there are several health conditions which contribute the development of TMJ risks and some of them are habitual clenching and grinding of the teeth, joint erosion, arthritis, and problems of structural jaw which present at the birth. Those are several conditions which can increase the risks of TMJ disorders. However, there are also some factors which are associated with the TMJ disorder development but those conditions have not proven yet as the cause of TMJ and they are the usage of orthodontic braces, prolonged stress, having a poor diet, poor posture which strains the face and neck muscles, and lack of sleep.


In the terms of TMJ disorder symptom, there are several symptoms which are associated. The symptom depends on the cause of condition and severity. Nevertheless, the common symptom of TMJ disorder is the existing pain which is located in the surrounding muscles and jaw. Besides the pain, the others symptoms which are associated with the TMJ disorder are  stiffness in the jaw muscles, pain felt in the neck or face, the movement of jaw which is limited, the jaw locking, the popping or clicking sounds from the TMJ site,  and the others.


How is TMJ disorder treated, when it comes to the question, there are several ways which can be conducted when you want to treat the TMJ disorders and some of them are eating the soft foods, using ice in reducing the pain and swelling, reducing the movement of jaws, reducing the stress, avoiding the tough foods, like gums and the others. Taking jaw stretching to improve the jaw movement.  Besides that, you can also use the custom mouthguards which provide the fit and comfort while taking in your foods.



Mouthguards for Braces

Can you wear a mouthguard with braces? When it comes to the graces, it belongs to the transition when you are in youth. In the terms of mouthguards fro braces, mouthguard is a kind of plastic which surrounds in the teeth and it has a function to cushion impacts. Some of the mouthguards are simple, but they are rather bulkier. Meanwhile, the others are customized as slim and fit in your mouth.  Mouthguard is usually used for sleeping as its polymer rigid is helpful for keeping the teeth in the fit position and protecting from clenching and nightly teeth grinding.

When you have braces, you require the mouthguard for your braces. This is optional according to the dentist. The mouthguards should be molded in the teeth and should be able to adapt the changing of teeth pattern which is not caught on the braces, one of the challenges regarding to the mouthguard which doesn’t snag on the braces. Of course, you do not need to get your teeth and braces damaged.


How to use A Mouthguard with braces, including double braces

When you are going to choose a mouthguard with brace, you need to take into consideration of several factors. Some of the factors are cost-saving, ease to use, thickness, comfort levels, and of course, your goal. One of the type of moutguards is boil and bite mouthguards which is quite simple and can be molded in the teeth. nevertheless, this type of mouthgurad is not recommended for the braces because this is thicker and the plastic material can catch on the brace. If it occurs, you need to meet an orthodontist to get off the mouthguard and repair the braces.

Actually, all of mouthguards have their own instructions for the maximum and safe use. From all type of  mouthguards,  custom mouthguards can be known as the most secure and safest. Nevertheless, this type of mouthguard is quite expensive and you need to be patient while ordering the custom mouthguards. Custom mouthguard isn’t similar to the boil and bite moutguards which provide the lower costs. Besides that, that type is not also recommended for the braces.

In conclusion, a mouthguard for braces perhaps is quite expensive compared to the other regular mouthguards. However, this type of mouthguards is quite effective in protecting your teeth, especially your child’s teeth and their soft tissue from the injuries which can happen when they are playing or doing everything.


Mouthguards for Snoring

When it comes to overcome snoring, people usually try something new. However, they should ensure that the devices are safe or not. I believe that all of people want to have the safe devices when the devices used. Treatment of snoring can be conducted with several ways and one of them is using anti snoring mouthguards which can be used when you are sleeping. Anti snoring mouthguards,  some called snoring mouthpiece,   has been a bit of buzz regarding to the topic.

Is snoring mouthguard safe?

To answer the reason is quite complex because it depends on the reason why you are snoring. Most people in America about 18 millions suffers a sleep apnea, a medical condition which someone snoring. In detail, sleep apnea belongs to the sleep disorder which involves many pauses of breathing while someone is sleeping. Some of the signs that you suffer sleep apnea are having daytime sleepiness which is excessive, difficult to concentrate, memory issues, getting asleep while conducting activities in the day, and sexual dysfunction.


One of the ways in treating the simple sleep apnea is by using mouthpiece. Using the mouthpiece can be the better choice. Even though you are suffering the serious sleep apnea, using this device is also suitable. Some people may get the bad decision in order to treat the sleep apnea. When you are going to treat the sleep apnea in order to treat your snoring, you need to consult with your doctor. Your doctor will have the sleep study in order to eliminate the possibility of CSA or OSA.

In the terms of mouthpiece which is used for treating sleep apnea, it depends on the case and the condition of people. Some are successful in using mouthpiece to treat the snoring whereas the others are unsuccessful. While your suffer the sleep apnea especially OSA, you need to meet with the doctor to ask whether it is possible or not using mouthpiece. Using mouthpiece for treating OSA should be under doctor’s supervision because self-treatment is not recommended.

Because of that reason, knowing the cause of snoring is essential before you decide to choose the specific treatment. Snoring should be treated seriously and it is not laughing matter. When you want to use the mouthpiece, you should see the doctor first in order getting the exact cause of snoring. If you are going to look for the reliable and safe snoring mouthpiece, it’s better to purchase it in the official shops which are permitted by the authorities.

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