Mouthguards will be Mandatory for all Basketball and Wrestling Teams in the Middle and Upper Schools

by Sean Hurney (St. Andrew’s Certified Athletic Trainer) Mouthguards

Due to an increase in the level of competition and the focus on safety and dental protection in contact and non-contact sports, we are highly recommending that all sports in all seasons with the exception of Track, Cross Country, Tennis, and Golf buy and use a custom fitting mouthguard.

During the winter 2005-2006 season mouthguards will be mandatory for all basketball and wrestling teams in the middle and upper schools. I strongly encourage the use of a custom fitting mouthguard. If any athlete is interested in purchasing one for the school year, we are working with a company called O-Pro who is offering a do-it-yourself kit.

Mouthguards are required by the National Federation of High Schools and US Lacrosse, the two governing bodies of field hockey and lacrosse. Currently, most of our students use the boil-and-bite mouthguards which do not adequately prevent teeth injuries to the mouth and head. Typically, boil-and-bite mouthguards are thinner and don’t fully protect an athlete’s teeth. A custom fit mouthguard not only protects the athlete’s teeth, but it also decreases the severity of a possible head injury. For those that are interest I have brochures that explains this and I invite you to visit O-Pro’s web site that further outlines the benefits of wearing custom-fitting mouthguards.

Safety is our first concern at St. Andrew’s. We feel that a more protective mouthguard will help alleviate more serious injuries and serve as better protection for our athletes. The school will assist any families in the financial aspect if they are unable to do so themselves. Please contact John Holden.

Individuals can order directly from the company or we can place an order from the school. If the school orders in a 5 pack, a discount is given. Students can order any color or design and customize them to their liking! There are ortho kits and each mouthguard will come with a case and have their name and phone # engraved on it.

We hope you will support our efforts on providing the safest environment for your sons or daughters. Please feel free to call (240-876-4424) if you have any questions or send me an email, to

The current group discount price is $44.95. Single orders can vary from $50-$70 depending type and design if you order them directly from O-Pro.

Thanks, Sean Hurney, ATC

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