Top 8 Muay Thai Fighting Styles: Their Strength And Weaknesses

Like many other martial arts, Muay Thai also comes with fighting styles. Muay Thai even has a name for each movement or style. This makes it easy for the fighter to apply each style to the battle. However, every muay Thai style has weaknesses and strengths. So, what are the top Muay Thai fighting styles? Here are some muay Thai fighting styles with weakness and strength.

  1. Muay Bouk

Muay Bouk is a fighting style that is very popular and is used in combat. This style relies on the speed of the forwarding movement aggressively and then moves backward quickly. Muay Bok looked very brutal and looked entertaining in the match. In this case, Muay Thai fighters will use lots of elbows, punches, and low kicks to attack.

Strength: Muay Bouk relies on speed and strength so that fighters can hit opponents and drop them quickly.

Weakness: Muay Bouk requires a lot of stamina and energy so that fighters will quickly feel tired.

  • Muay Fimeu

Muay Fimeu is a technique in Muay Thai that relies on intelligence when attacking opponents. In this case, the fighter will look for the weak point of the opponent and then attack. Fighters can use several weapons such as legs, clinch elbows, and knee fists.

Strength: Muay Fimeu is the most suitable style for fighters with small bodies and medium strength.

Weakness: Fighters may take a long time to master this style because it comes with so many techniques.

  • Muay Khao

Muay Khao is a style in Muay Thai that relies heavily on the knee. Some Muay Thai fighters do not have good control in the use of middles or elbows so they choose knee in every attack.

Strength: Muay Khao is very effective in defeating opponents because it uses knee strength so that it gives terrible pain to the opponent.

Weakness: Muay Khao is not suitable for fighters with weak leg strength so fighters must also learn other styles.

  • Muay Sok

Muay Sok is a Muay Thai style that relies on the strength of the elbow and looks special. This style is also popular for the pure thai guard. In this case, the fighter must have strong hand strength so that it can deliver blows that focus on the elbow.

Strength: Muay Sok is very suitable for use in attacks on the upper face and chest. Fighters can also move freely because they don’t use much leg strength.

Weaknesses: If your opponent uses the Muay Khao technique, then a fighter with Muay Sok can be overwhelmed because knee strength is not comparable to an elbow.

  • Muay Mat

Muay Mat is a Muay Thai style that relies on leg strength with a low kick. Low kick is very effective when the fighter is unable to use hand strength. Muay Mat can be very destructive and can attack from top to bottom. This makes the opponent feel overwhelmed when this attack is blind.

Strength: Muay Mat provides extraordinary power and attacks various points so that fighters can easily take down opponents.

Weaknesses: Muay Mat makes the opponent run out of energy if the fighter does not combine it with other styles. Fighters cannot rely solely on Muay Mat in serious combat.

  • Muay Thai Animal Styles

Muay Thai animal style carries the style and movements adopted from animals. For example, Muay thai elephant style, tiger style, lion style, and much more. This style is a bit difficult because the fighter must use a lot of weapons. However, this style is effective enough to outwit opponents in providing unexpected punches.

Strength: Muay Thai animal style looks more attractive when it is applied in a battle for entertainment, but still gives extraordinary strength.

Weakness: This style is a bit difficult to learn because it comes with various techniques. Some techniques are quite difficult to adopt.

  • Muay Boran

Muay Boran is actually not Muay Thai style, but it is the ancestor of Muay Thai. Muay boran became a style in Muay Thai in the use of protection techniques. In addition to wearing a mouth guard, the Muay Thai fighter also needs to wear gloves and gloves. Meanwhile, when the fighter uses the style of Muay boran, he needs to wear hemp rope instead of gloves. Muay Boran uses all kinds of attacks such as wrestling, throwing, and locking.

Strength: Muay Boran is very suitable for fighters who have a strong lockdown so the opponent cannot move.

Weaknesses: Muay Boran is not strong enough in punches so your opponent may be a little difficult to knockdown.

  • Muay Femur

Muay Femur is a very brutal style of Muay Thai, but it looks beautiful to the audience. Muay Femur is also a Muay Thai style that is very stylistic and memorable. Many people call it beautiful violence. In this case, Muay Femur not only uses one style, but the fighter must combine many styles in battle.

Strength: Muay Femur became the most memorable Muay Thai style in combat. The audience was very happy to see fighters who use this style. Weakness: Muay Femur looks brutal in certain perspectives. Besides, this style will also be quite tiring and exhausting energy. The fighter is also not easy to master this technique because he must master all types of styles.

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