6 Top Female Muay Thai Fighters in the World

You might think that martial arts like Muay Thai are only performed by men. In fact, there are many women who are good at Muay Thai. They became Muay Thai fighters and won many matches. We may have watched kickboxing on TV featuring female fighters. Most of them learn Muay Thai. They fight with each other but still pay attention to security. They also always wear a sports mouth guard to protect their teeth. Then, who are the female Muay Thai fighters in the world? Maybe, you can read the following top female Muay Thai fighters in the world.

  1. Sofia Olofsson

We may not see other female muay Thai fighters who are as successful as Sofia this year or later who could beat many fighters with good scores. Sofia also defeated Chommanee, one of the more powerful Thai fighters in the world. The biggest challenge in the world of kickboxing, especially muay Thai is that we rarely see Muay Thai fighters from Thailand who fight against western fighters. However, Sofia managed to kick them out. He got the best score with extraordinary strength. Are there other fighters who can defeat him?

  • Anissa Mekse

Anissa Mekse also became the strongest female Muay Thai fighter as powerful as Sofia. He can defeat other fighters in Tiffany van Soest and Faith Barlow. Maybe he is still an invincible fighter at this time. Effectively, he won the Muay Thai championship for several matches even though he did not fight under Muay Thai rules for several years. Eventually, he felt dissatisfied and missed Muay Thai fighting in Thailand.

  • Tiffany Van Soest

His body looks bad but she has big strength. He practiced Muay Thai for several years until finally he was named one of the best Muay Thai fighters in 2020. If you see her from a distance, you will not deny that Tiffany is a woman because of her stocky and muscular body because she practices kickboxing a lot. Even so, he is not as good as Annisa and Sofia because Tiffany was beaten by Annisa on the previous match.

  • ChommaneeTaeheran

ChommaneeTaeheran is a Muay Thai fighter from Asia. She has a slim body and a beautiful face. He may be one of the most beautiful Muay Thai fighters in the world. Even though she is a muay Thai fighter, she still looks physically feminine. However, he still has extraordinary strength so he is able to survive in the ring. He always has a chance to win and he will try to be the champion in the next fight.

  • Kaitlin Young

Kaitlin Young is a female Muay Thai fighter who has a muscular body like Tiffany, but her face tends to be like a man. She is very powerful in the ring. She frightened her opponents by her expression. She became one of the most powerful female Muay Thai fighters in the world because she has won many battles in various tournaments. We can see from the look on his face that is always hungry for victory.

  • Iman Barlow

Barlow’s faith may not be as strong as Annisa and Sofia’s, but she has a strong determination to be a champion. She always participates in Muay Thai competitions in various countries although she rarely wins. She also became the sexiest female muay Thai in the world who always maintained the beauty of her body. Her body does not look muscular like Katlin Young. But, she believes that one day she will become a champion and be able to defeat other fighters.

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