The importance of Wearing a Sports Mouthguard

The importance of Wearing a Sports Mouthguard

Safety in sport is really important and must be prioritized so that anyone who joins a sports game will be always protected and away from danger. There are so many ways to keep anyone safe during the sport activity. One of which is a sports mouth guard. What is sports mouth guard? You are probably familiar with boxing or you commonly watch a boxing match on TV. If you see the boxers closely, you will see something in their mouths during the match. That is called as a mouthguard. So, a mouthguard is something that is used to protect the mouth during the game. Commonly, it is used during boxing sport and the like. Therefore, in this article, we would like to talk about the importance of wearing a sports mouthguard.

Who wears sports mouthguard?

Sports mouthguard is worn by those who play some hard sports such as wrestling, boxing, baseball, mixed martial arts, rugby, Australian football, lacrosse, figure skating, ice hockey, field hockey, water polo, skiing,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and much more. But, the sports mouthguard is commonly worn by boxers, wrestlers, and martial arts. Suppose you need to wear a sports mouthguard despite you do not join a sports game, then you can still wear it. For instance, you have a bruxism problem, then you can wear this mouthguard when you are sleeping.

What are the functions of Sports Mouthguard?

The sports mouthguard is made because of several reasons. The people have been using sports mouthguard long time ago. For instance, a boxer must need a sports mouthguard during the game. Why do they need sports mouthguard? Of course, the sports mouthguard has some really important functions such as protecting teeth from damage, protecting gums, protecting lips from bleeding, and overall protecting mouth as a whole. Since boxing sport is using a fist to hit the opponent, then mouthguard must be worn just in case the boxers hit their opponent’s mouth. What if they do not wear it? Perhaps, it will be alright as long as they do not attack the upper part including the mouth. Since the mouth is really vulnerable to get wound. When the boxers hit their opponent’s mouth without a sports mouthguard, it may break their opponent’s teeth or cause gum bleeding and lips bleeding. It is really dangerous joining boxing sport without sports mouthguard.

How is the shape of Sports Mouthguard?

How does sports mouthguard look like? In general, sports mouthguard is created to form the shape of teeth. The boxers commonly wear a sports mouthguard which fits their teeth. Some of the sports mouthguards have different shapes that only follow the circle shape of the teeth but the surface is flat. The wearers only need to bite it strongly. The most favorite mouthguard has a shape that follows the shape of teeth and the surface is uneven. This mouthguard is easier to wear and you do not need to bite it strongly. What about the size? Certainly, there are some available sizes of sports mouthguard according to the size of the wearers’ mouth. The bigger one is suitable for an adult while the smaller one is suitable for kids.

What is Sports Mouthguard made of?

Talking about what sports mouthguard is made of, then we must talk about the material that builds it. There are several materials used in sports mouthguard. Most of the mouthguards are made of plastic material and rubber material. The most important thing when choosing and wearing a mouthguard is by choosing the softest one. There are some plastic mouthguard types that are too hard to wear and make the wearers’ gum hurt. Of course, for sports purpose, you need to buy the best one which is made of plastic and rubber so you will feel comfortable when wearing it. The thickness of mouthguard is also important because it will give more protection to your mouth and teeth. But, for health protection like bruxism, you may choose the thin one. So, which one do you prefer? Of course, you are recommended to choose sports mouthguard with the elastic plastic material.

How to Wear Sports Mouthguard?

Wearing a sports mouthguard is just similar to when you are wearing fake teeth toys. It is really simple because it has been designed according to the shape of our mouth. You only need to put in the mouth, exactly on your teeth and then you can bite it. In some cases, when you are wearing a mouthguard, you will not able to shut your mouth up. It all depends on the shape of your teeth and the thickness of the mouthguard you wear. You are not recommended to share second-hand sports mouthguard with your friend. Of course, you will not wish to wear your friend’s sports mouthguard because it may contain a lot of bacteria.

Where to Buy a Sports Mouthguard?

Sports mouth guard is available in any sports shop or you can also buy it online. The price is also not too expensive. Therefore, if you want to protect your mouth when you join a wrestling or boxing game, then you must buy a sports mouth guard for safety. Your teeth are your biggest asset because when your teeth are broken, they will not grow again unless you wear fake teeth. To prevent it from happening, you must think twice about wearing sports mouth guard during the sports activity, especially when you join a wrestling and boxing competition. If you want to buy a sports mouth guard locally, make sure it’s a reliable franchise sports shop like Dick’s Sports Goods or Modell’s. If you want to buy on Amazon, make sure you read the reviews and go with Amazon’s Choice for your search term like “Youth Mouth Guard”, “Sports Mouth Guards for Kids”, “USA Flag Mouth Guard” etc. Amazon wants to save you some time and suggest those reputable sellers to you.

In summary, now you know that sports mouth guard is really important and it is not a choice when you join a boxing match, but you must wear it. It is all for your goodness and your teeth protection. It can prevent your gum from bleeding and teeth damage. Somehow, you must buy and choose the best sports mouth guard to give a full protection to your mouth. If you choose a sports mouth guard with a bad quality, it will still make your mouth get a wound. So, you have to think twice before you take a risk.

Follow the Instruction to Mold Sports Mouth Guard

Sports mouth guard can’t fit your mouth unless you follow the step by step instruction correctly. Every sports mouth guard has it’s own setting time (Don’t over-boil it.). You put it in boiling water for a certain period of time, take it out and put it a cold water for few seconds (so your mouth won’t get burnt when fitting) and then put it in your mouth and align it in the right position before biting down. Make sure you use both of your index fingers and thumbs to go around the mouth guard to the end of both sides so your teeth marks stay on track. Also, press the mouth guard against your teeth for more grips so it stays with your teeth without dropping while you are talking.

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