What Sports Use Mouth Guards? How Much Are They? How to Clean?

Things to Know About Sports Mouth Guard

Do you like to play sports? There are so many sports that you can join, but you need to protect your body, especially your mouth. You only need a sports mouth guard that you can wear when you play a sports game. Sports mouth guard is a product that you can buy in today’s sports market. Where to get sports mouth guard near me? Somehow, you may get mouth guard Walmart if you prefer to buy online. Anyway, before you purchase sports mouth guard, you may read this following information about mouth guard for your sports protection.

What sports use mouth guards?

Do you decide to buy a sports mouth guard for braces? Somehow, if you want to wear a mouth guard for sports protection, you may need to know some types of sports that need mouth guards. Basically, you can wear sport mouth guards in many sports games including soccer, tennis, or others sports. But, there are some sports in which you must wear mouth guards because it may endanger your mouth such softball, football, boxing, wrestling, basketball, futsal, and others. In a certain case, you may need to buy the best sports mouth guards which are made from the highest quality material. When you choose a good mouth guard product, you will feel comfortable and it does not make your mouth feel sick.

What is the basic function of a sports mouth guard? Sports mouth guard is basically used to protect mouth when playing sports, but you can also wear it during the free time. Every boxer needs to wear a mouth guard to avoid teeth damage during the game. Softball, basketball, and football players also need to wear sports mouth guard because the ball may hit the mouth and teeth. Can you imagine how your teeth will look like when a ball hit them when playing softball? It may cause bleeding and your teeth will be damaged and even broken. Do soccer players need a sports mouth guard? Most soccer players do not wear mouth guards, but it is your decision if you prefer to wear it for protection.

How long do sport mouth guards last?

Though mouth guard is made from elastic material, it does not mean that you can wear it forever. Somehow, custom sports mouth guard may only last up to 5 years when you maintain it properly. You have to take care of your mouthguard according to the instruction so that you can wear it for years. Perhaps, you can consider these following tips on how to take care of your sports mouth guard properly:

  • Don’t Chew Your Mouth Guard

There are some cases where wrestlers chew their mouth guard when they are in the game. As a result, the mouth guard is damaged and it is not comfortable anymore. So, if you decide to wear a sports mouth guard, you must not chew it. Somehow, if you buy the best sports mouth guard, you cannot even chew it because it has a good design.

  • Clean Your Mouth Guard Properly

One of the most important things that you must not forget when you wear mouth guard is to clean it regularly. After you wear your sports mouth guard, it is necessary to clean it with clean water. You may need a mind antibacterial agent to eliminate the germs and bacteria on the product. You should not clean your mouth guard with toothbrush and toothpaste because they can even make your mouth guard damaged. If you want to make it sterile, you may need a denture cleaner which can effectively clean your sports mouth guard.

  • Store Your Mouth Guard Safely

If you want to use your mouth guard for years, then you have to store it safely. You must not just put your mouth guard on a random place or in a dirty gym bag. You are recommended to put it inside a safe plastic case or you just store it in its original case if any. In addition, you also need to make sure that the case is clean and free from bacteria. Simply, you can soak the case in hot water before you put your sports mouth guard in the case.

  • Choose the Suitable Mouth Guard

Sports mouth guard comes with various designs and sizes, so you have to choose the correct size that fits your mouth. In this case, you have to adjust your mouth condition before buying a mouth guard Walmart. Somehow, your mouth guard will not be damaged in a few years, but you will not be able to wear it anymore because your mouth is bigger in the future.

How much does a sports mouth guard cost?

You probably want to buy a mouth guard football because you want to protect your teeth during the gameplay, but you have no idea where to buy and how much it costs. Anyway, a mouth guard for sports purposes is actually available in today sports market or dental stores. You can even buy the best sports mouth guard online from your trusted online shops such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and much more. How much does it cost? When we talk about the price of a sports mouth guard, you actually do not need to worry about the price.

Most of the sport mouth guards are very affordable. Basically, a sports mouth guard price is only about $11 up to $20. Still, it also depends on the store where you buy it. So, it is important to choose a trustworthy store that sells affordable sports mouth guard. You also need to pay attention to its originality. In this case, you must understand and find out if the product is original or fake. That’s why you are recommended to buy one from the official store. You may feel interested in a cheap mouth guard, but you have to make sure that it is made from a good material or original. It will be great if you read some buyers’ reviews before making the purchase.

How do you clean a sports mouth guard?

A sports mouth guard has a main function to protect your teeth when you play sports like baseball, football, boxing, basketball, and others. However, it does not mean that it is always good for your mouth and teeth if you do not clean your sports mouth guard regularly. In a certain case, after you wear your mouth guard, it may contain germs and bacteria. So, when you wear it again while it is not cleaned yet, it may cause teeth damaged. Not only that, but your mouth guard may also stink and smell like hell. Therefore, you may need to read these following tips on how to clean a sports mouth guard properly.

  • Rinse with Water

The first simple way to clean your sports mouth guard is to rinse it with clean water. After you wear your mouth guard, then you may take some sterile water or mineral water, and just rinse every part of it. Don’t rinse it with hot water because it can damage your mouth guard and never use dirty water because it may contain germs. Perhaps, you may try to use some warm water.

  • Use Soft Toothbrush

Using a soft toothbrush to clean your mouth guard is a good idea, but make sure that you use the soft one. You can also apply some non-abrasive toothpaste and gently brush your mouth guard and rinse with water. This way is a very good idea if you find some dirt inside the mouth guard.

  • Clean it with Soap

If you do not have a soft brush, then you can also use soap to clean your mouth guard. You are recommended to choose an antibacterial soap to eliminate germs and bacteria on the mouth guard. You also must rinse it with clean water to prevent it from bacteria. As it is mentioned, you can use warm water to sterilize it.

  • Store in Its Original Case

The last way if you want to keep your sports mouth guard clean is to store it on its original case after cleaning it. If you do not use it, you must put it back to its case to avoid bacteria contamination. However, if you wear it, you also need to leave your mouth. You must not use hold it with your hands so often.

In conclusion, that’s all about sports mouth guard that you have to know just in case you decide to buy it for sports purposes. Somehow, you can buy the best sports mouth guard from your trusted store. In general, you can wear a sports mouth guard for any kinds of sport. If possible, you may also wear it despite you do not play a sports game. Anyway, wearing a sports mouth guard is not an option, but it is a must, especially when you play basketball, boxing, and baseball. Otherwise, you will get teeth damage and you will regret it forever. So, you must think twice and make sure you buy a suitable mouth guard for sports.



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